When touring a beautifully staged home, it’s easy to admire both the layout and the
furnishings. While certain furniture like sectional sofas may seem perfect for the space,
they typically don’t stay with the home once sold. However, the inclusion of other items
in the sale might not be so clear-cut.

Here’s an overview of some items whose transfer might not be automatic:

● Appliances: Generally, built-in appliances such as ovens and dishwashers are
included in the sale. Freestanding items like refrigerators or countertop
microwaves sometimes are not.
● Built-In Fixtures: Items that are permanently attached, like ceiling fans and
built-in bookcases, often come with the house. However, while fixtures like
curtain rods might stay, the curtains themselves may not.
● Outdoor Items: It’s important to specify which outdoor items are included in the
sale within the contract. This can include sheds, outdoor furniture, and even
specific garden features like koi ponds, which might otherwise lead to
● Security and Smart Home Systems: With the advent of wireless technology,
components like sensors may not necessarily be included in the sale as the seller
can easily remove them.

Here’s a list of questions buyers might consider asking their real estate agent when
preparing an offer, specifically regarding items included with the property:

1. What appliances are included in the sale?
Are there any exceptions, like a freestanding refrigerator or microwave?

2. Can you confirm which built-in fixtures are staying?
For instance, are the ceiling fans, bookcases, and light fixtures included?

3. Are window treatments such as blinds and curtains included?
Does this include all hardware like curtain rods?

4. What outdoor items are included in the property sale?
Is the outdoor furniture, sheds, or any garden features such as fountains or koi
ponds part of the deal?

5. How are landscaping items handled?
Are there any potted plants or specific landscaping features that are excluded?

6. What about the security and smart home systems?
Which components, if any, are the sellers planning to take with them?

7. Has anything been added to the list of exclusions since the last discussion?
Are there updates or changes to what’s included that I should be aware of?

8. Can we specify certain items to be included in our offer?
How do we ensure that specific items, like a desirable outdoor kitchen setup, are
included in the purchase?

Asking these questions can help clarify what will be included with the home and ensure
that the buyer’s expectations are aligned with the reality of the offer.

To prevent any misunderstandings, it’s advisable for buyers to explicitly list the items
they believe are important in their offer. This allows both parties to clearly discuss and
negotiate what will and will not transfer with the property.