Winter is here, and with it comes cozy evenings and comfort food. Your
weekend plans are more likely to include movies on the couch than a picnic
in the park. This is the time of year when everyone takes a closer look at
their home and looks for ways to add warmth to the spaces.

If your meal plans include mac and cheese or hearty soups, these 5 tips
can transform your dining room quickly – adding the ambiance these meals

1. Add a Library – Add intellectual charm by lining a wall with
bookshelves. Consider exchanging some chairs for a backed bench and
create a multi-use room for dining and relaxing.

2. Wood Side Table – Adding wood accents to any room is a great way to
add warmth to the look. Adding or replacing your side table with a warm
wood cabinet incorporates natural beauty to your dining room while adding
extra storage space.

3. Woven Back Chairs – Over the past few years, natural elements have
made a comeback. Replacing tired upholstered chairs with wood or woven
chairs adds interest and charm.

4. Chandelier – Adding a large-scale chandelier brings the eye up and
into the warm glow of the light. A chandelier centers the space, creating
intimacy and ambiance.

5. Candles – Simple taper candles on a cold evening change the mood of
the room. The soft light of the candles invites family and guests to slow
down and relax with some great food.

These are simple changes that will dramatically change the look and feel of
any dining room. Warm up your dining rooms during these cold dark
months with a few simple changes.