A gallery wall is a quick and easy way to add visual impact to any room.
Adding art and photography to a wall showcases your personality, interests,
and style. Merging art with interesting articles, a gallery wall instantly adds
depth to a living room or other space. Set against a strong color, the impact
is even greater, and the time commitment is minimal, making it a great
weekend or evening project.

7 Tips to Creating a Visual Delight

1. Plan and Visualize – One great tip is to use paper cut outs to plan
the wall before committing and make sure you have the right tools, such as
nails, hangers, Command® strips, leveler, screws, hammer, etc.

2. Choose a Theme or Concept – Create a cohesive, intentional look
by working with a concept. This can be the style of art, color palette, or
subject matter.

3. Mix and Match – Combine various sizes and mediums for visual
interest. Mix paintings with three-dimensional objects like mirrors, plates, or
masks. Pay attention to balance so the result is eclectic and not cluttered.

4. Watch the Framing – Frames and matting adds texture and
boundary. Affordable options are available in standard sizes and colors in
home improvement stores.

5. Play with Layout – Don’t worry about lining up every frame in a grid.
Space frames and objects so that they stand out and are displayed to their
best advantage.

6. Find a Focal Point – Starting in the middle of the wall, highlight a
special piece and work out from there.

7. Add Lighting – Proper lighting is important. Use to highlight a special
picture or use track lighting for a subtle glow.

A gallery wall is a great expression of your personality and can be changed
quickly. You probably already have the art necessary to make this change
today. Don’t overthink the plan and create your visual delight this weekend.