Most people know that choosing the right neighborhood is one of the most
important aspects of a great lifestyle. When buying a new home, this
becomes even more important. While everyone knows that property values,
safety, schools, and commute rank high in importance, there are some
considerations that are not commonly thought about in advance yet make a
huge impact on satisfaction.

· Vibrant Community and Social Scene – While some people are
looking for a quiet life in the country, for those craving more action, consider
this when choosing a neighborhood. Look for farmer’s markets, art
galleries, festivals, bars and clubs, community events; ways to create a
sense of belonging and involvement.

· Pet-Friendly Environment – For pet owners, finding a welcoming
community for their furry friends is important. Look for places with lots of
green space, dog parks, and pet-friendly establishments.

· Unique Architectural or Historic Value – There are many cities with
historical districts and heritage sites. Buying a home in these areas can be
a distinctly inspiring experience. One caveat, before buying, it’s important to
make sure to understand the rules and restrictions; often there are
ordinances that prevent changing the exterior of the home.

· Natural Surroundings – For nature enthusiasts, living near green
spaces and outdoor recreational opportunities can be important. In addition
to community parks, trails, or lakes, these buyers should consider proximity
to national parks, or public waterways.

· Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Communities – If environmental
sustainability is important, then look for communities with eco-friendly
policies and amenities. Watch for communal gardens, bike lanes, and
renewable energy initiatives.

Choosing the right neighborhood is about more than just property values
and school systems. By looking beyond the traditional aspects and
considering the unique things that enhance lifestyle, buyers can make sure
that the community, as well as the home, suits their needs.