Breakfast nooks used to be staples in the average kitchen. Before the
the advent of the eat-in, center islands, or great room designs, homeowners
loved sitting down with their first cup of coffee in the kitchen. Often this was
in the breakfast nook; a small space carved out of the kitchen where the
the family could enjoy a casual meal or break.

Recently, floorplans have considered this lifestyle element by incorporating
the kitchen into the general living area, but not all homes have the space
for this. But a kitchen nook does not need to take up a lot of space. Even if
you have only a small area to work with, you can create a lovely little space
to enjoy the morning.

· Install a Bench – If you don’t have enough room for a table and
chairs, consider installing a bench. A small built-in seat in a window or
corner can also add storage under the bench.

· Use a Bistro Set – If you do have a little corner, a small bistro set
can add charm and utility. Most fold easily for storage too when not in use.

· Head Outside – No one says the breakfast nook has to be in the
kitchen. If you have a patio or deck nearby, breakfast in the sun is a lovely
way to start the day.

Finally, however, you create the space, use your décor to emphasize the
area. A cozy throw pillow on the bench or quaint tablecloth and flowers will
make a huge difference and add interest to even the smallest kitchen.