The New Year is here and as soon as the holiday decorations are stored,
it’s time to revive the living room space. New Year, new beginnings; your
home is ready for an update just like you! Fortunately, you can get a fresh
look for your living room without major changes or breaking the bank. Here
are 5 cool modern accents you can use to update your living room this

1. Hyperrealism Art – This art form mimics traditional realistic
photography or art, but is designed to evoke an emotion rather than just
recreate the scene. Emotional pieces of any kind provide a unique focus to
the room.

2. Modern Accent Chair – An accent piece of furniture, such as a chair
or table, can immediately add depth to the room. It can be a unique shape
or texture; anything that breaks with the overall style of the room.

3. Modern Art Décor – Pillows and vases are a simple way to update a
room. Consider adding a low sleek vase for a single rose or perhaps a
knot-shaped pillow on the floor by the fireplace.

4. Curves – Soft curved lines are gaining popularity. Gone are the
sleek, harsh lines of the past few years. Add a simple round mirror to a
corner wall to not only add softness, but a mirror expands the area and
reflects light, brightening the room.

5. Extra-Large Lighting – Design magazines are featuring giant,
oversized paper lanterns. These can be colorful and boho or soft colored
and subtle, but a fun and inexpensive way to add a quick update to a
traditional living area.

Whatever you decide, there are endless ways to create a more eclectic
living room while giving your home a boost this season.