News reports all over the country are filled with stories of rising crime.
Homeowners and business owners alike are concerned and looking for
better ways to safeguard their properties and lives. Fortunately, there is a
wide variety of options available on the market; from full-service security
companies to DIY smart home systems, there is a solution available for
every budget.

Following a few simple strategies can help protect you and your belongings
from theft and crime.

· Install a Security System – Security systems are one of the most
effective ways to protect your home. Many systems include motion
detection video surveillance as well as two-way communication.

· Be Unpredictable – Burglars love routine. Using smart home
devices, it’s easy to create unpredictable patterns for lights and sound.
Leave a car in the driveway if you’re traveling as well, that makes it look
like the home is occupied.

· Think Like a Criminal – Spend some time looking at your home and
identify the weak points. Secure all doors and windows. Lock all entry
points and be creative with a hidden key. Look for hidden entry points;
where would you try and break-in? Do you have dark areas that are not
visible from the street?

Finally, don’t make it easy for the criminals to track your movements. Refrain from
advertising your trips on social media and consider asking a friend or neighbor to
visit your home occasionally while you’re gone. The more your home seems
occupied, the less appealing it will be to criminals.