Building a home might sound like something reserved for the rich and famous, but
the truth is, it might be easier than you think to get a construction loan.
What is a construction loan?

Construction loans are short-term, higher-interest-rate mortgages that cover the
cost of building or renovating a home. The buyer qualifies for the final mortgage
and the lender pays the contractor for cost on a pre-approved schedule. Once the
construction is complete, the loan is converted into a traditional home loan.

Type of Construction Loans

• Construction to Permanent – Converts to a permanent loan with the
interest rate locked in at closing.

• Construction Only – Must be paid off when construction is complete, so the
borrower will then need to get new financing.

• Renovation Construction Loan – Cost of renovations are included in the
original mortgage based on the value of the home after the repairs or
upgrades. Best used for buying a fixer-upper property.

What’s included in the loan?

The construction loan generally pays for:

• Land
• Labor and materials
• Plans, permits, and fees
• Contingency reserves to allow for changes and delays

Can I qualify?

All mortgages have minimum qualifications for approval. Construction loans are
riskier for the lender because there is no existing collateral in the form of the
home. Along with typical requirements for debt-to-income limits and FICO score
minimums, the lender will often ask for a higher down payment (30% is typical)
and a plan to pay off the loan at the end of the project (proof of cash or loan).